Hi everyone! My name is Ivy Han. I am a graphic designer that lives in New York. I grew up in Seoul which is capital of city in South Korea, but now live in south of Brooklyn near the beach. I love kite surfing, surfing, biking, hiking, climbing, longboarding.. many activities. When I’ve started do design work, It changed my life for better and I love drawing my activities! I am a very adventurous and brave woman that my life is always challenging! Thank you for visiting my website and I hope that you will enjoy my work.

I am a first creator of kite comics, called ” KITETOON”

I am a first creator of kite comics, called ” KITETOON”.

I been Kiteboarding since 2012 and I been drawing Kite comics since May 2017. Most stories came from my kiteboarding life while I traveled around the world, and our kite school. Please follow me on Instagram and Facebook. You will be the first one to see my new cartoons. You can also print your favorite cartoons with high quality paper from my online store.

I am so happy that I can share our kiteboarding stories via cartoons.

Have a nice wind!